2015 Formula One Mid-season summary

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We are back and yes it is been a while with no postings here; hopefully we can make up some time by posting a mid-season summary here as per our friends at F1 Teammate Challenge ahead of 2015 British Grand Prix

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
Lewis Hamilton has had the upper hand on pole positions; 7 poles to his name versus only 1 pole by Nico Rosberg. Same goes for the number of wins; with Rosberg getting his last win right (Austria) and 2 consecutive race wins (Spain and Monaco). But Lewis Hamilton has been most consistent here; beating his teammate 5 times in 8 races and leading the points game by 10.

Scuderia Ferrari
Definitely Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari are the surprise contenders this 2015. The German champion has beat Raikkonen on all fronts (qualification, race results and points). Only in Canada Raikkonen qualified better but that was due to a technical problem in Vettel’s car. When it comes to racing only in Bahrain and Canada Raikkonen ended up better than Vettel. Most points = Vettel.

One caveat for the 2015: The Ferrari F1 car looks amazing this year:

F1-Ferrari-2015-Kimi-Raikkonen-third-spot-qualifying-Canadian-Grand-Prix Read more…


Alonso 2012 second win at Fantastic European Grand Prix

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Oh Yes! it was (it is) an Epic Race! We loved it… so much to talk after the race, so much drama, many DNFs and lots to talk about… so much talking that I have not updated the f1commentary blog… sorry pals! Read more…

Is seven your luck number?

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Yes! We have now seven winners with Lewis Hamilton winning the Canadian Gran Prix… Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso lost their positions to Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez who came back to the podium. Anyhow, I am running busy with other things but here I leave you with a graph progression of a very competitive F1 championship (cortesy of GrandPrixRankings):2012 F1 Championship Progression

2012 F1 Season: Competitive Analysis after Six Races before going to Canada

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Okay, we have six races… and for each race we have seen a different race winner. So who is really leading the championship? Well by points surprinsingly Ferrari Fernando Alonso is the undisputable leader… surprise! well Ferrari was not (at least in paper and qualifying) the most performing car out there…

Some of the favorites to lead the Championship were: McLaren, RedBull or Mercedes… but it did not work out in their way… Read more…

2012 Six races and Six winners: what happen in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco

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Yes, I know, no time to write updates on how the most competitive F1 season is going… sorry lads…. and yes! I follow the races but also (like everyone else) I have a day job that competes with my thoughts and my writing… Anyhow I am back in town.

So six races and we have… SIX winners. Last time we reviewed the Chinese Grand Prix, by now you know everything that happen in all races so far…. For my own sake and to show you that I am really passionate about F1 races, I will give my own shot: Read more…

2012 Chinese Grand Prix and a new race winner

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While the world is debating about the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix, I have yet to publish this post as only now I can put words to this exciting 2012 F1 season. So, where are we? yes, the third round of the season and we have Read more…

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix super amazing but confusing as well

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Wow, it was an amazing race, not dry but wet. The top contenders were hit by bad luck and a very surprising win for Ferrari and Fernando Alonso. Sauber’s Sergio Perez took advantage of some good strategy calls, and Read more…