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What happened in Melborne Australia F1 2011?

February is usually a month in which there is tons of excitment about the new cars, the new lap times, who is likely to challenge for the 2012 F1 crown? but between pre-season testing here and there, there is not much to talk about. In the meantime then, let’s review what happened in the Australian Grand Prix last year (March 27, 2011)?

In the Australian Grand Prix 2011, RedBull was at the top of its game, Mclaren was a clear challenger, Ferrari was not up there, while Renault Lotus showed some flashes. Throughout the weekend, it was clear that Vettel had the car to challenge for the win. Actually Vettel came with a clear objective, the become double world champion by the end of 2011. And so he did.


1. Vettel, 2. Hamilton, 3. Webber, 4. Button, 5. Alonso, 6. Petrov.

The race lasted 58 laps and the top 6 were:

1. Vettel, 2. Hamilton, 3. Petrov, 4. Alonso, 5. Webber, 6. Button.

And where was Mercedes during this weekend? Both Schumacher and Rosberg did not manage to finish the race. Rosberg had to retire due to accident damage while Schumi had a puncture damage.

In terms of race pace, Vettel was ultra quick. He managed to win the Australian Grand Prix by a margin of 22.297 seconds over Lewis Hamilton.

Hispania Racing (Liuzzi and Karthikeyan) did not start the race because they did not qualify within 107%  of pole position time set by Vettel.

Well we shall see if Sebastian Vettel can repeat the win again in this 2012 or if we have surprises by another new challenger to his triple crown aspirations. Probably from Ferrari or Lotus? who knows?

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