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2012 Malaysian Grand Prix super amazing but confusing as well

Wow, it was an amazing race, not dry but wet. The top contenders were hit by bad luck and a very surprising win for Ferrari and Fernando Alonso. Sauber’s Sergio Perez took advantage of some good strategy calls, and Lewis Hamilton repeated his Australian performance to complete the Malaysian podium.

The results of the Malaysian grand prix were affected by weather, good strategy calls, fine driving and a bit of luck. Why luck? because any strategy call, specially during the race, it’s a gamble on various factors: will it continue to rain? will the track dry? red flag? medium tires? hard tires? pitstop now or 1 more lap? Both Ferrari and Sauber made the good calls at the right time. To a certain extend this applies to McLaren, but they got pole position and Hamilton only managed 3rd, still an excellent result for what it looks to be a very tight championship season.

Here are the TOP 10 positions at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix:

  1. Alonso / Ferrari
  2. Perez / Sauber
  3. Hamilton / McLaren
  4. Webber / Red Bull
  5. Raikkonen / Lotus
  6. Senna / Williams
  7. Di Resta / Force India
  8. Vergne / Toro Rosso
  9. Hulkenberg / Force India
  10. Schumacher / Mercedes

So, what is the pecking order? well it is confusing. Ferrari won a race that was probably more suited for McLaren, RedBull or Mercedes to win. At this point in the season, it is hard to establish a pecking order, why? Because against all odds, Fernando Alonso is leading the world championship driving a car that (in terms of performance) is not near McLaren or RedBull… or even Sauber?

Sergio Perez did the impossible, got second position ahead of the top contenders. This was a great result by the Mexican. He could have won the race, but I think it was better not to risk the result (like Pastor Maldonado did in Australia). Passing Fernando Alonso is not an easy thing, so second place for Perez was amazing!!!

Lewis Hamilton, even though he got pole position, he secured third place. In terms of raw pace, he is quick, but the McLaren is missing race pace, or at least Hamilton is missing a bit of it.

So if we can not write about the pecking order, what is the destabilizing factor? The Pirelli tires, some cars are great in qualifying (McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus), other have great race pace (RedBull and to some extend Ferrari when Alonso is driving it, Sauber, Williams).

The circuits and weather also play a big role in the outcome. In the case of Malaysia’s Sepang Interntional Circuit, it is a major racing venue hosting multiple races a year so the track grip is much more forgiving than Australia, but this time the weather played a bigger role.

If you have not seen the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix, our recommendation is: you should!

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