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Alonso 2012 second win at Fantastic European Grand Prix

Oh Yes! it was (it is) an Epic Race! We loved it… so much to talk after the race, so much drama, many DNFs and lots to talk about… so much talking that I have not updated the f1commentary blog… sorry pals!

Anyhow, I discussed with my friends about this race, over and over again… so our conclusions are:

  • Fernando Alonso is right now the leader of the F1 Championship but also the one that has shown more consistency, effort and caution… He has what it takes to win the championship and he is hungry! Ferrari has made some mistakes like in Canada but in Valencia they were right on… waiting for some DNFs at the front!
  • Bad for Vettel and Grosjean… both DNF due to an engine issue… Vettel no points and Grosjean could have challenge for the win (after Vettel quit the race). Anyhow Vettel has definetely the pace to win any upcoming race… the german is fast! At some point in the race at Valencia he was 16 seconds in the lead! Now the safety car of course played against him… and probably had a factor in overheating his engine because of the low speed…. same applies to Grosjean.
  • But what of Lewis Hamilton? He drove like a maniac and should (and could) have finished the race, if not for the Venezuelan (Champion to be) Pastor Maldonado… Maldonado was probably overly optimistic to pass Hamilton… but like in Australia (where Maldonalo lost the rear in pursuing of Alonso), lost his senses and crashed into Hamilton… now Hamilton could have known better and should have probably allow the pass…  Here is a pic of the definining moment:

    The clash between Hamilton and Maldonado

    The clash between Hamilton and Maldonado

  • So with Maldonado, Hamilton, Grosjean and Vettel out of the picture, it was the time for Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher to pick up the pieces…. They waited and got the most points out of it.
  • Interesting to see that Raikkonen qualified 5th (6 positions ahead of Alonso) but managed to finish 2nd (after Alonso) just because issues with top 4 qualifiers (Maldonado, Hamilton, Grosjean and Vettel).
  • Coming back to Alonso, not considering the 4 DNFs in front of him (including Kobayashi who qualified 7 but DNF), Alonso managed to gain 6 race positions (Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Rosberg, Di Resta, Button, Maldonado)
  • And… third place goes to MICHAEL SCHUMACHER wow! We were delighted to see him at the podium… He himself did not believe it, but as the race progressed, Vettel was out, then Grosjean, then Hamilton-Maldonado clashed, then… in the radio: “You got a podium”…. very special moment… again in the podium three world champions:

    Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher back at the podium

    Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher back at the podium

  • Actually Schumacher went thru a very similar race as Alonso,,, started 12th but finished 3rd. Contrary to Nico Rosberg that qualified 6th and managed to finish 6th only.

Anyhow that is all for today… see you @ British Grand Prix Silverstone!

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