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2012 Six races and Six winners: what happen in Bahrain, Spain and Monaco

May 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Yes, I know, no time to write updates on how the most competitive F1 season is going… sorry lads…. and yes! I follow the races but also (like everyone else) I have a day job that competes with my thoughts and my writing… Anyhow I am back in town.

So six races and we have… SIX winners. Last time we reviewed the Chinese Grand Prix, by now you know everything that happen in all races so far…. For my own sake and to show you that I am really passionate about F1 races, I will give my own shot: Read more…


2012 Chinese Grand Prix and a new race winner

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

While the world is debating about the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix, I have yet to publish this post as only now I can put words to this exciting 2012 F1 season. So, where are we? yes, the third round of the season and we have Read more…